Types of Instruction

Each child receives private instruction that is tailored to their skill level,  learning ability and interests to ensure success through a combination of Suzuki and contemporary instruction.

At Estelle’s studio, children are given the foundation to enjoy music while foster listening and focus skills and music comprehension. The most important part of any learning experience is enjoying the lessons and Estelle makes the process fun, engaging and interactive. Each child is given one-on-one instruction that ensures that they will learn to play the piano with confidence. Through weekly piano instruction, each child learns quickly and will learn a varied and impressive repertoire of music that they can share with friends and family.

The role of parents is also central to the success of the piano lessons. Parents learn along with their child and support the learning process through daily practice.

Adults seeking piano lessons are welcome in Estelle Herman’s studio.

Whether you have had along yearning to learn basic piano skills- and finally have the time to do it, or have been playing for a while- Estelle is willing to work with you and tailor to your needs.

Estelle has taught students with varied backgrounds and welcomes anyone seeking individualized piano instruction . If you are a beginning student- or an experienced player she is happy to offer her services to you. If you are relocating to the Portland area- and are seeking a new Piano Instructor, she would be happy to work with you.

As a member of Music Teachers National Association and Oregon Music Teachers Association, Estelle is apprised of the many competition opportunities for young pianists.  If you are interested in participating in area competitions, she can guide the student through the process, and prepare them for the expectations and rigors of each opportunity. If you are looking to hone your skills, or are having a tough time with a difficult or challenging piece- she will be glad to assist your needs. Estelle has helped many very talented pianists reach their goals, she can help you towards accomplishing your finest work. She will help you with precise skill, discipline, and also remind you to keep it fun- as that is why you are playing in the first place!

Estelle Herman has helped people work with pieces from many different musical types. Listed below are just a few!












“My sons (now 12 and 14 years old) have been Estelle’s students since they were 6 and 5 respectively. My only regret is that soon enough they’ll be off to college and will have to leave such an extraordinary teacher. It is impossible to sum up in a brief statement how wonderful, how valuable, how vitally and fundamentally formative our experience with Estelle has been. Her focus on correct technique creates an opportunity for her students to learn to play beautifully. Her passion for music invites them to aspire to play beautifully. But the real reason that each and every one of her students actually do play beautifully is entirely due to her personal qualities. She is a highly experienced and intelligently sensitive teacher who knows how to read her students and meets each of them on their level. She knows exactly when to push and when to praise. She has an superlative degree of integrity, and truly cares about giving her best to every pupil; in turn, she challenges her students to give their best to her, and to their music, and therefore, ultimately to themselves. The lessons my boys have learned from her, both as a teacher and an adult role model, reach far beyond learning how to play piano and will serve them well in their lives.”

“Our children experienced deeper appreciation for music and a sense of accomplishment from their lessons with Estelle. She incorporates a wide range of tones and teaching styles customized for the temperament of the child. Our family is more connected and calm because of the time we spent together on the piano bench. Estelle's attention to detail has helped our children excel in other parts of their lives because of the of discipline and commitment to mastery she has encouraged and nurtured. ”

“Estelle is an exceptional and amazing piano teacher. She has keen technical abilities combined with an insight that fosters success for her students. Estelle expertly tailors each lesson based on a combination of factors such as the student’s personality, maturity and daily demands (academic demands/schedule). She also has high standards which have a positive ripple effect throughout her students’ lives. Our sons have studied with Estelle for more than 12 years. During this time, they have learned to play and perform with confidence, plus they have a great appreciation for the many lessons learned under Estelle’s guidance. ”

“Estelle 老师美丽,优雅,她的琴声是心底里流淌的旋律。我女儿梁若妍已经跟Estelle老师学习钢琴五年多了,每堂课都是一次奇妙的音乐旅程

Estelle teacher beautiful, elegant, her piano is the heart of the melody flowing. My daughter Danica Leung has been studying piano with Estelle for more than five years, and every class is a wonderful musical journey. ”

“从五岁开始,我女儿Vivian就跟Ms. Estelle学钢琴. 在过去的七年里,Ms. Estelle认真严格教琴,而且十分重视培养学生对音乐的兴趣. Vivian在她的指导下, 对音乐的爱好越发加深, 练琴主动认真,琴艺提高很快,现在已能弹奏很多巴赫,贝多芬,肖邦,莫扎特等作曲家的作品。现在音乐和钢琴已成为我们家庭的共同爱好.

Since 5 years old, my daughter Vivian has followed Ms. Estelle to learn liaison. In the past 7 years, Ms. Estelle has put her heart in the piano teaching, and also cultivated my daughter's love for music. Under Ms. Estelle's guidance, Vivian achieved great improvement in piano. She can now play quite a few pieces of classical music by renowned composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart and Schumann. Music and piano has become a big habit of Vivian and the whole family.”



About The Teacher

Estelle Herman is Portland’s premiere piano teacher and an accomplished music instructor.

She holds an Masters Degree in Music Education from Pacific University, as well as a Bachelors of Music from University of Cape Town, South Africa. She has been offering private lessons to Portland piano students for over 20 years.

With a background dedicated to serving her students and providing a safe learning environment- Estelle Herman is proud to extend an offer of her services to you and your family.

Her vast experience allows you to rest assured you are in the hands of a professional. Offering many different types of lessons, from basic introduction to the piano, to honing the skills of the most advanced players; she has the expertise to tailor her lessons each and every individual student’s needs.

With a convenient Southwest Portland Studio Location, just minutes from downtown Portland- your Piano lessons can be very easy to get to!